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Technical Debt and Legacy Systems

Tackling Technical Debt Redux: a Deeper DiveTechnical debt can be costly for organizations, with a survey by Stripe estimating that developers spend one-third of their time on technical debt. Teams working on modern, up-to-date systems and software projects will incur...

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Understanding Technical Debt

Tackling Technical Debt Redux: a Deeper DiveWhat is Technical Debt? Software development teams rarely, if ever, have unlimited time to design, code, and deliver the perfect solution. First, there's almost always a deadline–whether set by internal leadership or the...

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Strategically Acquiring Technical Debt

Tackling Technical Debt Redux: a Deeper DiveWhat is technical debt? The term "technical debt" was coined to describe the costs of taking coding and design shortcuts to create functional software in the short term. With technical debt, you may ship your software faster...

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Cloud Native: Serverless Development Models

This post is the final installment of our Cloud-Native series, and we're looking at serverless computing and how it's an essential part of implementing cloud-native initiatives. What is serverless? By the name alone, you'd expect "server-less" to mean "without...

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