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How to Map Your Value Stream

This is Part 3 in our Value Stream Mapping series. Did you miss Part 1 or Part 2? A value stream is anything that delivers a product or service. You may certainly map the entire software delivery life cycle, from the first feature idea to deployment, or you can set...

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VSM-Defining Common Measurements and Metrics

Part 2 of a series: In last month’s blog, we discussed what value stream management (VSM) is and why it is essential for businesses and DevOps teams. As a quick reminder, the goals of value stream management include shortening time-to-market, increasing productivity,...

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What is Value Stream Management?

Part 1 of a series: Regardless of whether your organization creates widgets or software, reducing time-to-market for a product or service that provides value to customers is a common goal. In software development, both Agile and DevOps methodologies have successfully...

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Incident Management-Respond, Communicate, and Resolve

In our final installment of the “Incident Management for DevOps teams,” we will examine the Respond, Communicate, and Resolve steps: Staff Response and Escalation As part of the response, the on-call team will receive and collect information about the incident from...

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