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Understanding Infrastructure as Code and Policy as Code

What is Infrastructure as Code? Countless cartoons and memes proclaim, "it works on my machine," illustrating the frustration that occurs when developers deploy to production only to discover critical differences between the two environments. Infrastructure as code...

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CI/CD Vendors: Atlassian Bamboo

Over the past few months, we've provided an overview of continuous integration/continuous deployment, plus closer looks at CircleCI, Jenkins, and GitLab's CI/CD capabilities. Now, let's turn our attention to Atlassian's CI/CD offering: Bamboo. When Atlassian comes up,...

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CI/CD Vendors: A closer look at GitLab

Happy Holidays! This month we're looking at how GitLab tackles continuous integration and continuous deployment. For an introduction to CI/CD, see our previous post. GitLab's Entry into the CI/CD Landscape Over the past several years, GitLab has invested heavily in...

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CI/CD Vendors: A closer look at Jenkins

Jenkins is an open source CI/CD tool. For an introduction to CI/CD, see our previous post. Jenkins History Kohsuke Kawaguchi originally developed a tool called Hudson at Sun Technologies in 2004, which eventually forked into the Jenkins project in 2011. Hudson...

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