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Selecting DevOps Tools – Sweet Mix or Suite Vendor?

The DevOps tool market continues to shift as new startups enter the market with targeted offerings and existing players expand their DevOps suite of tools. One mistake we see companies make is buying one or two "DevOps" tools or changing a couple of processes, then...

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Adding Security to DevOps

As DevOps has gained popularity, organizations have started asking, “what about X department?” This trend has resulted in new terms such as “DevSecOps,” which elevates the need for security in your DevOps processes. Incorporate security from the very beginning,...

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Using Infrastructure as Code to Improve DevOps

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a method of provisioning servers and data centers through configuration files instead of depending on manual or interactive configuration tools. Most organizations now work with virtual resources across on-premises, hybrid cloud, and...

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