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CI/CD Vendors: A closer look at CircleCI

Last month, we shared a brief overview of Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CD) and how they work together to help DevOps teams deliver software more efficiently. Teams who have embraced continuous integration commit code...

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What is CI/CD?

A popular benefit of DevOps is reducing the speed to market, which requires increasing the speed of development, test, and release cycles. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CD) work together to achieve this...

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SBOM solutions: What’s in your code?

Last month, we wrote about how companies are using Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs), even if they are not legally required to because they do not sell to the US federal government. According to the 2022 Synopsys Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report, 97% of...

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Using SBOMs for superior customer and developer experiences

In May 2021, the US President issued an Executive Order meant to improve cybersecurity after the Solarwinds hack exposed thousands of companies to attacks by hackers linked to Russian intelligence. The Solarwinds attack wasn’t the first or last of supply chain attacks...

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