Bamboo, a Continuous Integration and Build Server, does more than just run builds and tests. It connects issues, commits, test results, and deploys so the whole picture is available to your entire product team – from project managers, to devs and testers, to sys admins.

Bamboo offers first-class support for the "delivery" aspect of continuous delivery. Deployment projects automate the tedium right out of releasing into each environment, while letting you control the flow with per-environment permissions. Details like JIRA issues, commits, and approvals follow each release of your application from development to production.

Bamboo is suitable for any language, and other popular technologies like Maven, Ant, Git, Mercurial, and SVN enjoy native support. Support for loads more technologies like Tomcat, Heroku, and Grails are available as free add-ons. Bamboo grows with you as your technology stack evolves.


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