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Incident Communication

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Atlassian’s Statuspage provides real-time status information regarding your system or components to users and customers. With data security standards also taking into account system availability, informing users about incidents isn’t just good practice, it also builds trust.

By informing users about the status of the service or components, you also reduce the support overhead by preventing ticket flooding. User experience improves and support staff are free to deal with the issue while the operations team can work to bring the system back online.

Statuspage Integrates with your Incident Management Systems

As Statuspage tracks the entire process from a single place, it automatically updates everyone as the problem moves from investigation to resolution.

Once you register the initial incident and inform everyone, users can subscribe for email or SMS updates. Doing this ensures that they don’t have to check back regularly to see if the status has changed. Statuspage can monitor each service or functional component separately, so users can keep track of only the incidents that affect them.

A Comprehensive Incident Communication Solution

Statuspage takes the hassle out of incident communication with lots of features that streamline the process. Whether it is for scheduled maintenance or service failure, ensure your customers and users stay in the know.

From Template to Communication

With prewritten templates that allow you to quickly setup and configure your incident responses, Statuspage allows you to send out consistent communications that retain your brand voice. You can distribute your communications via email, SMS, or integrated ChatOps notifications, ensuring everyone is on the same page during an incident.

You can create common incident response templates, then classify and release them quickly once an issue occurs. Statuspage can automate subsequent updates based on the status changes during the process. You can also schedule communications for system maintenance or migrations that will help users or customers plan around your expected downtimes.

Incident and System Monitoring Integrations

With a powerful REST API service, Statuspage can connect to your custom monitoring tools to integrate with your existing infrastructure. You can setup your own triggers, ensuring that if things go down, your team responds and information shared quickly.

Additional automation integrations include:

Apart from the automation integrations, you also have third-party integrations for situations where your service depends on upstream or external systems. With a wide variety of external service and component monitors, you can setup specific status trackers, based on your system’s exact dependencies.

Once the third-party monitor is set, you can update the name and description to more user-friendly values. If the component goes down, Statuspage will automatically degrade the component and trigger the necessary communications.

Statuspage has a long list of third-party components, and it keeps growing. If you need an automated incident communication solution that integrates with almost all service providers, Statuspage is the best option.

Collaborate on Incidents

By connecting Statuspage to ChatOps, you can pipe status updates directly into the Ops, Engineering, and IT teams. While the teams work to resolve the issues, they can keep track of the other teams’ efforts while staying on top of their own responsibilities.

With a Status API and Widget, you can embed status information directly into your tools and applications. Wherever your users or customers access the system, you can display the critical status information.

Report and Showcase your System Reliability

You can use Statuspage to broadcast your system reliability, ensuring prospective customers know that you aren’t making promises you can’t backup with real-time data. The Uptime Showcase will assist marketing and sales teams to prove your system’s reliability and incident response capabilities.

This builds customer trust while you display information from the monitoring tools you already use.

Monitoring tools that work with Statuspage include:

  • Pingdom
  • DataDog
  • Librato
  • New Relic

Statuspage Builds Organizational Trust and Streamlines Incident Communications

By using Statuspage to manage all your incident communications, the organization’s transparency improves and the customers and users gain confidence in your team’s abilities. By sharing the information throughout the system, and using standard communication templates, you can configure what you need to say before you need to say it.

Knowing the status of each critical component (internal or external), allows teams to respond proactively and prevents users from filing redundant incident requests.

Choose ReleaseTEAM to assist you with Streamlining Incident Responses

ReleaseTEAM provides services that improve new software adoption and implementation. From Staff Mentoring or Augmentation to Process Automation and Software Lifecycle Management and Support, ReleaseTEAM has extensive experience in all the digital transformation disciplines. Whether you need to integrate existing monitoring systems with Statuspage or implement a complete service desk solution, ReleaseTEAM can ensure you succeed with minimal disruption to the organization.

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