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Atlassian Sourcetree

Git and Mercurial Desktop Client

Sourcetree is powerful Git Desktop client freely available from Atlassian for both Windows and Mac. Using Sourcetree allows you to simplify your interactions with your code including visualizations, improving the way you manage your repositories. With detailed branching diagrams available, you can easily keep up with every update your team is making.

As a fully featured client, Sourcetree uses a simple interface that makes it perfect for beginners to use. It also has features that will improve the productivity of the most experienced users. With Sourcetree, you can review changesets, cherry-pick between branches and stash code quickly and easily. Sourcetree also simplifies your distributed version control tasks.

Simplify Your Development Workflows from Your Desktop

With all the features you expect from Git, Sourcetree isn’t just a free GUI for viewing your repositories. You can visualize changes to decide what to discard or what to commit by the file, hunk, or even line by line.

Sourcetree ensures you keep up to date with changes in the repository with Git status updates. You can access the changes directly from your operating system, saying goodbye to command-line interfaces.

Also, you can access powerful tutorials to learn how Git works if you are a new user. Git tutorials cover everything you need to know including merging and branching. Once you are familiar with the Git process and its abilities, Sourcetree puts everything right at your fingertips. Deepen features and control when you use Sourcetree with Atlassian Bitbucket.

Git Features Supported by Sourcetree

Sourcetree puts the power of Git on your desktop PC. Large File Support (LFS) ensures you can add rich media to your repositories and manage your “heavy” digital assets from one place. Submodules help you manage projects as well as their dependencies. With local commit searches, you can find changes and branches quickly to stay up to date with the development process.

Using Git-Flow directly out-of-the-box (OOTB) ensures you can keep your repositories clean and your development activities efficient. Remote repository management allows you to quickly find and clone code from within Sourcetree’s interface.

Sourcetree fully supports both Git and Mecurial, allowing you to manage either repository quickly and efficiently. You can also deploy Sourcetree within an enterprise, making it a powerful solution to gain control over your software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Git-Flow OOTB

Git-Flow provides a powerful and widely used Git workflow immediately once you install Sourcetree. The workflow defines a strict branching model that is designed around the release process. Using this workflow gives you a robust framework for any size project.

The workflow assigns specific roles to the different branches in your repository and controls how they interact. It not only tracks your feature branches, but also uses individual branches when preparing, maintaining, and recording your releases.

Sourcetree is Great for Startups and Enterprises Alike

For any organization that requires better oversight and interaction with their code repositories and the build, test, and release management processes, Sourcetree gives them the necessary controls. Whether your company is starting out on a continuous delivery strategy for a particular product, or need additional insight into how your code is changing during commits and merges, Sourcetree can help you achieve your goals.

To start using Sourcetree for your development process improvements, download and install the application, connect to your Git repositories and you’re away.

ReleaseTEAM can help improve your SDLC Workflows

Regardless of whether your company is just getting started on their digital transformation initiatives, or need expert advice to solve complex development issues, ReleaseTEAM can assist. As an industry leader who’s been at the forefront of the CD/CI (Continuous Delivery / Continuous Improvement) processes, they have all the expertise you need.

With services that include everything from sales and support for Atlassian solutions, to Staff Mentoring and Augmentation, Process Automation, and Software Lifecycle Management, ReleaseTEAM can help your teams to succeed.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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