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Atlassian Jira Align: Enterprise Agile Planning

Formerly called AgileCraft, Jira Align unleashes agile process management at enterprise scale. With a rich set of features within a suite of solutions, Jira Align enables companies to adapt to change above the team level. It allows organizations who want to leverage the agile principles to gain a competitive advantage.

Jira Align helps make all work visible, optimize value engineering, and align everyone across the organization to improve productivity. With agility becoming a necessity for success in the age of digital transformation, adopting the right tools to further business strategy is essential.

Jira Align Solutions for every step of the Digital Transformation Process

Jira Align packages solutions according to your organization’s ambitions for agile adoption. With a phased approach, each solution provides key interventions that enable large-scale agile strategy implementations.

The Phases Required for Transforming an Organization into a Complete Agile Entity are:

1. Making Work Visible
Jira Align pulls all work processes and data into a single location, ensuring every task the organization performs is visible to all other teams. It enhances departmental transparency and team-level collaboration.

2. Align Teams Eliminating Silos
Once the information that drives the work processes are centralized, you align teams by providing them with key insights during the execution of their duties. From the CEO to the testers, whenever decisions are required, actionable intelligence is within your reach.

3. Connect the Enterprise
By ensuring the enterprise is connected, critical data is available earlier for better decision-making and collaboration. Using the information that drives the teams in the organization proactively, decision makers can act with confidence.

Jira Align’s AgileCraft Essentials Package

With the Essentials solution, teams can start to set up release trains and plan scaling activities for the transformation path. By using the Essentials solution, leaders can bring teams closer together so that you are ready to scale at the right time, with the right tools, and at the right levels.

The Essentials package allow teams to: 

  • Improve your work’s visibility in order to align your programs.
  • Provide clarity on the status of risks that influence your objectives.
  • Build dependency maps to identify conflicts before they arise.
  • Work together toward a central program board.
  • Map the roadmaps to objectives with connections to your execution systems.
  • Use program rooms to collaborate across disciplines.

Using Jira Align AgileCraft Essentials, organizational agility at the program level becomes a reality. 

Jira Align’s AgileCraft Professional Package

For organizations that have lean or agile team capability, to move to the next level requires product focused tools. The Professional solution delivers more powerful change capabilities by centering the approach on your customers and products. AgileCraft Professional ensures product managers, owners or release train engineers can adapt to market changes and still deliver the best work quickly.

With the Professional package, teams can:

Share roadmaps across functions with visual clarity.

  • Use cross-team reports with live and real-time information.
  • Visualize ideas to embrace a lean organizational strategy.
  • Perform cross-team collaboration using product rooms.
  • Forecast work accurately to deliver good value at the correct capacity.
  • Report on spending in regards to demand delivery.

With Jira Align AgileCraft Professional, companies can confidently embrace lean and agile cross-functional efficiency.

Jira Align’s AgileCraft Enterprise Package

For advanced organizations who are dedicated to digital transformation, the Enterprise solution ensures complete adoption across the entire company. Enterprise-wide adoption means everyone from the strategic business decision makers to the execution teams remains aligned and on track to deliver according to the company’s vision and mission.

The Enterprise package empowers the organization to:

  • Map strategies to the execution teams and model work up to the C-suite.
  • Track progress, resource allocations, and financials in line with your company strategy.
  • Generate reports for investment performance and confidently plan delivery.
  • Make all work visible for all teams, products, and programs.
  • Establish value streams that identify bottlenecks in order to optimize value.
  • Optimize strategy with real-time information and reporting.

The Jira Align AgileCraft Enterprise ensures your entire portfolio can adapt to changes down to the execution level without disruptions while continuously building organizational value.

Jira Align Cloud Hosted SaaS Solutions

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Jira Align delivers the highest security requirements. With hosted datacenters being SOC 2 compliant, Jira Align provides data encryption, disaster recovery, and redundancy with strict information security policies.

ReleaseTEAM as an Agile Solution Implementation Partner

ReleaseTEAM has extensive experience in agile solution implementation projects. With experts in every aspect of the digital transformation discipline, they can assist your organization to embrace change and gain the competitive edge – with minimal disruption to your company’s teams and resources.

As a Gold Solution Partner for Atlassian, ReleaseTEAM has seen it all. They know what you should expect when adopting a radical new business methodology.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or info@releaseteam.com today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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