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What Atlassian Deployment Option is Right For You?

Atlassian’s solutions support the entire DevOps cycle with technology that delivers greater efficiency and improved productivity to the largest organizations in the world. With solutions that enable DevOps teams to plan, create, verify, package, release, configure, and monitor new software accurately, Atlassian is a recognized leader in the industry.

The Atlassian suite of products is extensive and come with a variety of deployment options that cater to any type of organization. Adopting these tools will ensure your teams collaborate more effectively, share information consistently, execute work accurately, and deliver code reliably.

Bare Metal and Server Deployments

For teams that need complete control over the technology stack, Atlassian supports server-based deployments. Atlassian server solutions allow teams and administrators to customize the setup according to the company’s specific requirements.

Products that support server deployments include:

Bamboo delivers CI/CD pipelines for the entire DevOps cycle, including build, test, and deploy features. You can also connect other Jira tools to Bamboo with powerful integration capabilities.
Fisheye provides teams with the ability to track changes, visualize code, and compare diffs from a single location.
Crucible enables collaborative code review and threaded comments to improve code integrity during the entire DevOps cycle.

Additional server versions for Atlassian products are also available. These include:

Datacenter Deployments

Modern datacenters provide more than just storage cabinets and virtual machines. The latest datacenters are high-tech facilities that ensure data security and availability, including advanced threat protection and failover disaster recovery for your deployments. When you need to ensure your DevOps cycles and tools remain available and secured, deploying to a trusted datacenter is the best option.

The Atlassian suite of solutions supports datacenter deployments, ensuring your team has access from anywhere in order to remain productive.

The tools you can deploy in datacenters include:

Jira Software
Jira Software helps teams to plan, track, and release software quickly, reliably, and frequently. Jira Software is also available for cloud deployment.
Confluence provides teams with the ability to organize work, create documents, and collaborate across functional units. You can also deploy Confluence in the cloud.
Bitbucket delivers centralized Git repository management that enables teams to build and release software concurrently. Bitbucket also supports cloud deployment.
Jira Service Desk
Jira Service Desk is a fully featured service and incident management and reporting solution. Cloud deployments for Jira Service Desk are also possible.

See our Atlassian Enterprise Showcase for a more in-depth look at Data Center deployments Click Here

Cloud Deployments

Cloud-hosted infrastructure and tools reduce the overhead associated with managing applications and solutions. Using a cloud service provider ensures you only pay for what you consume, with your security and administration services taken care of.

The Atlassian cloud products include:

Millions of people organize and visualize work from a central location using Trello. With task tracking, collaboration, and scheduling features, Trello ensures teams work together to complete any project. Trello is only available as a cloud deployed solution.
Jira Align
Previously named AgileCraft, Jira Align brings agility to the entire organization. You can plan, track, report, and strategize every aspect of your business processes using Jira Align.
Bitbucket Pipelines
Bitbucket Pipelines is the solution for deploying Bitbucket to the cloud. Teams can build and test code from anywhere, using the same repository, and deploy new features confidently.
Opsgenie centralizes the operational monitoring and incident notification process for teams, also integrating with the other tools used to perform work. Using on-call schedules and escalation rules, Opsgenie ensures teams remain informed and can remediate issues quickly.
Statuspage helps organizations manage incidents, monitors services, track issues and support tickets, and communicate statuses to customers. Teams become more effective when eliminating ticket flooding with Statuspage’s advanced incident filtering and routing features.

Atlassian CI/CD Solution Stack

Atlassian delivers efficiencies to teams across the globe, improving the CI/CD pipeline and DevOps cycles with innovative, integrated, and exceedingly automated tool stacks. As the required speed to release keeps shrinking, the Atlassian CI/CD Solution Stack provides ever-greater efficiencies. When teams need integrated tools that ensure everyone works towards the common goals, Atlassian is the preferred solution provider.

ReleaseTEAM’s Atlassian Experts

ReleaseTEAM supports all of Atlassian’s products and tools, with DevOps experts that have over twenty years of industry knowledge. Whether it’s training, support, sales, or consultants you require, ReleaseTEAM offers mentoring, staff augmentation, licensing and after-sales support services.

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