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Modern Incident Management

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Atlassian’s Opsgenie is a modern Incident Magagement System that centralizes alerts and notifies your key resources at the right time. With Opsgenie, you will never miss a critical alert. Using deep integrations into monitoring, ticketing, and collaborations tools, Opsgenie filters out noise and intelligently groups incidents.

Opsgenie distributes notifications via multiple channels, ensuring the correct responders can take immediate action and share updates with everyone involved. Comprehensive on-call schedules and predefined escalation paths allow Opsgenie to route incidents to the correct resources every time.

Opsgenie Centralized Alert Management

For systems that are time sensitive, normal email alerts just won’t do. In order to streamline incident response, multiple communication channels are required. Opsgenie supports email, SMS, voice calls, and Mobile Push notifications to ensure alerts arrive no matter what your resources currently are currently busy with.

Boosting the Alert System

With Opsgenie, your alerts aren’t limited either. You can include sufficient information into the alert so that the investigation can start as soon as the resource receives the notification. Opsgenie Alert Enrichment allows you to add optional fields and attach charts, logs, and runbooks to the alert, providing valuable incident-related information to the support team.

From Alert directly to Action

You can augment your alerts with customized actions, allowing your team to take control of the situation from within Opsgenie directly. Automated actions can restart servers, ping a service, or create a related service ticket with a single click.

By grouping actions into policies, you can extend the automation of diagnostic and remediation actions, improving your incident response times. Teams can develop response playbooks and use third-party automations to drill down on the issue quickly. They can then create automated recovery or remediation tasks and ensure similar issues in the future are resolved with ease.

Incident Response Lifecycle Tracking

Opsgenie tracks every alert’s lifecycle, from creation to close. You can keep up to date with every action taken during the process, and find gaps in the response system. It ensures your team stays on top of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with other stakeholders while providing transparency of the work performed.

Keeping the System Live

With Heartbeats, Opsgenie can check that the monitoring services are working as required and create alerts where necessary. The Heartbeats tool will regularly check monitoring tools or services, eliminating the support philosophy that no news is good news.

The Heartbeats API can check file creation, ping servers, or send messages to systems to ensure the monitors that drive alerts are active and running. You can set the intervals when Heartbeats should perform checks, and determine what a failure would constitute, thereby proactively solving issues before they become visible to the organization or customers. Pausing Heartbeats helps prevent incorrect alerts when you’re performing system maintenance or updates.

Map Alerts to the Business-Critical Processes

As a service-aware incident management system, you can map Opsgenie to the business services of the organization. Sending out predefined responses to the business units that are impacted, you reduce incident logging and ticket flooding. You can also send out automatic updates to the business units to keep everyone up to date during the resolution process.

Incident Response Management and Planning

For critical incidents that influence your organization’s productivity, you can design detailed response management plans that reduce the downtimes. Doing this not only means support and operations teams know what to do, but it also means the entire company is informed and can reprioritize tasks accordingly.

Response management plans can use rules to group alerts from different systems into a single incident, based on the conditions you specify. If multiple alerts are pointing to the same problem, you can reduce the noise by intelligently combining all of them into a detailed incident – then automate communication, response, and ticket creation.

Analyzing Incidents and Responses

With post-incident analysis features, Opsgenie guarantees you can understand what happened and how to prevent it in the future. With team performance as a critical metric for successful operations, Opsgenie gives you insights into communications, actions taken, as well as resource participation.

Opsgenie gives you Service-Aware Incident Response Management

With powerful integrations to service architectures and web apps, Opsgenie can connect the tools you use every day. The centralized management and processing of your monitors, including automated check-ins using Heartbeats, ensures Opsgenie keeps everyone informed of your system availability.

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