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Project and Issue Tracking

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*end of sales: Feb 2021 | end of support: Feb 2024

Atlassian’s Jira Software enables teams to plan, track, and release code early and more often. No matter what the processes are, Jira Software can adapt to the organization’s development methodology. Whether you use Scrum or Kanban, Jira Software ensures accurate planning and the agile execution of your team’s software development duties.

Jira Software Speeds up the Sprint

Using Jira Software, teams can create workflows for each step of the SDLC, ensuring nothing gets lost in the process. You can integrate with your favorite development tools, connecting the delivery pipeline directly to your sprint management and control center.

Jira Software provides features that drive:

  • Actionable Results
  • Transparent Execution
  • Scalable Evolution
  • Flexible Planning
  • Accurate Estimations
  • Value Driven Prioritization

By centralizing the management of the planning, build, verify, and release stages of the SDLC, Jira Software remains flexible while ensuring the necessary controls remain in place.

All Agile Methodologies play well with Jira Software

No matter what your company’s approach to the SDLC is, Jira Software helps your team adapt to changes quickly, accurately, and with confidence.

Scrum Boards

Scrum’s framework drives teams to achieve incremental, iterative delivery of features and products. The scrum framework ensures the team’s work as collaborative builders of the system or solutions. You can create scrum boards for every type of team that forms part of the continuous development cycle.

Jira Software supports sprint management, backlog tracking, epic creation and issue tracking to name a few. With swimlanes and user stories, you can manage every activity during the process to improve your code quality.

Kanban Boards

Using Kanban boards ensures your current and future workloads are visible to the team, allowing them to plan their activities accordingly. With better insight into the complete delivery pipeline, your team will deliver better code, more frequently.


Using roadmaps to communicate the bigger picture to all stakeholders, Jira Software helps you make better daily decisions. You can drill down into the exact stages of the associated epics and review the sprints still required, making everyone work consistently towards the same goals.

Roadmaps allow you to create visual timelines, track forecasts, team capacities, and to connect the requirements (epics and user stories) directly to the real-time visuals.

Jira Software brings Agility to the Entire Company

Jira Software can improve any team’s collaborative efforts no matter the business unit. By employing the power of scrum cards to other functional departments, the operational efficiencies increase while information is more transparent.

For any situation where teams have to work towards a unified goal, (such as planning a marketing campaign or staffing an upcoming project) Jira Software will help them achieve their targets.

Reporting and Efficiency Tracking

Reports for each sprint provide you with actionable insights of the entire process. From burndown charts to cumulative Flow diagrams, Jira Software has out-of-the-box (OOTB) analytical tools that drive process efficiency for each sprint cycle.

Some of the OOTB reports are:

Burndown Charts
Allows teams to track their outstanding work and see lags early. Using the burndown chart will help teams make better decisions for each sprint, also improving the estimations.

Sprint Reports
Establishes the team’s overall performance over time. You can determine how much work is pushed to the backlog and adapt the plan accordingly.

Cumulative Flow Diagrams
Cumulative flow diagrams track the scope of work regardless of the completions. It gives the team an overview of each project size and its required effort.

Jira Software Deploys Quickly and Easily

For scalability, Jira Software you can host in the cloud or from a datacenter. If you need to secure your code infrastructure on-site, server deployment ensures control. No matter what your company’s SDLC requires, Jira Software will improve teamwork and departmental transparency.

Extend Jira Software with Atlassian Marketplace Integrations

Jira Software has over three thousand app integrations that you can purchase from the Atlassian Marketplace. From timesheet integration to advanced analytics and monitoring solutions, you can extend Jira Software into a comprehensive work management tool.

ReleaseTEAM offers plugins for Jira Software, building integrations with existing company infrastructure or entirely new solutions. By using Jira Software, companies can create a visual anchor of all their operations.

ReleaseTEAM as a Jira Software Gold Solution Partner

ReleaseTEAM has over twenty years of experience in providing expert continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) solutions. From battling in the SDLC trenches, they have learned what to expect from each portion of the organization. By joining forces with ReleaseTEAM, you can effectively structure all you work together into Jira Software and streamline your development cycles.

The effective rollout of an agile strategy requires expert planning, dedicated support, and technical ability. ReleaseTEAM provides Staff Mentoring, Technical Assessment and Planning, and Process Automation as well as consulting and support.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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