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Atlassian Jira Service Management JSM
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Jira Service Management (JSM) Sales Solutions

High-Velocity ITSM

Jira Service Management (JSM)
Sales Solutions

High-Velocity ITSM

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The Jira Service Management (JSM) Solution Brief white paper

Accelerating Development with Expert Jira Support

At ReleaseTEAM, we understand that timely support is critical to your operations. Our GitLab support services are designed to provide you with expert assistance and peace of mind. From troubleshooting and bug fixes to performance tuning and security assessments, our dedicated support team is here to ensure your GitLab environment runs smoothly and securely.

Jira Service Management integrates with all your favorite Atlassian products for a comprehensive service solution.

  • Jira Software: Bring IT and Development together and solve issues quickly without compromising quality.
  • Confluence: Self-service – easily direct service requests to your related knowledge base articles.
  • Statuspage: Link support tickets directly to major incidents, allowing agents to real-time see status changes. Keep stakeholders aware of updates using multiple notification channels, including SMS, email, and mobile push. Share status information with both internal and external users.
  • Bitbucket: Connect to Bitbucket Pipelines, or other CI/CD tools to keep records of changes without manually creating requests. Developers never have to break focus to track the progress of their requests. Set deployment gating to automatically push low-risk changes to production or require additional approvals when necessary.
  • Insight: Access information to understand related IT infrastructure and assess problem complexity.
  • Halp: Create a two-way sync between Slack or Microsoft Teams conversations and JSM tickets.
  • Slack, Zoom, and over 1,000 apps in the Atlassian Marketplace

With both email and portal support, Jira Service Management ensures your organization can deal with issues as they arise and provide a better customer or organizational support service. Jira Service Management lets you quickly get up and running using templates and best-practice business processes. Using automation rules, Jira Service Management ensures your requests are routed and escalated correctly every time.

Complete IT Service Management for Customers or Employees

Using Jira Service Management, you can setup a complete ITSM solution for both internal requests and your customers. Using simple queues, service agents prioritize the important requests and ensure your organization or department achieves the SLA targets.

Connecting Asset Management tools allow you to reference, tie, and track requests in Jira Service Management. It provides an end-to-end overview of each request until it’s resolved.

With an easy-to-use help center, you can deliver a better customer support experience while using machine learning abilities to improve the entire process continuously. Jira Service Management not only enhances the ITSM system; it learns from every interaction.

Problem Management

Group and link incident tickets to identify recurring issues and determining problem scope. Create problem tickets during or immediately after incident resolution. Link incident post-mortem reports; get to the root cause of the issue.

Change Management

Reference change requests, score the risk of a change with a Jira-powered risk assessment engine, configure approval workflows, and track deployments. Integrate with a calendar app from the Atlassian Marketplace to view scheduled changes and quickly identify a conflict-free window.

Asset Management

Track IT assets for inventory management, auditing, and more. Pinpoint ways to increase efficiency, reduce support costs, and maximize your IT asset lifecycle value. Access asset details from Jira tickets to make informed decisions and resolve issues quickly. Scan your network to discover and populate your asset repository or CMDB. Detect infrastructure changes, identify shadow IT assets, and improve support.

Feature-rich ITSM for any Size Organization

With features that drive service delivery, every organization can benefit from Jira Service Management.

Self-Service Center

To assist customers (or staff) in helping themselves, you can connect your Confluence based knowledge center to Jira Service Management. Doing this will allow customers to find answers for themselves while logging a request with automated KB suggestions.

Enhanced Development Issue Tracking

You can log the request directly into the Jira Software for issues requiring development resources and assign them to a team’s backlog items. It ensures speedy bug fixes, and once a new build or release is completed, automatic closing of the service desk request.

Triage of Service Level Agreements

No matter what the SLA requirements are, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently assign resources to requests, update customers or other stakeholders about the resolution process, and deliver on the agreements.

Rule Driven Automations

Jira Service Management can automate task assignments, establish rule-based routing processes, and deliver canned responses for routine tasks. With configurable workflows, every step in the service management process is controlled and accurate, automatically preventing similar requests in the future.

Compliant and Certified

With both PinkVERIFY™ and Axelos ITIL™ certified Jira Service Management, you can shorten the route to compliance and gain departmental certification. As part of the suite of tools that are recommended by PinkVERIFY, the Jira Service Management solution will ensure your organization remains compliant and supports every aspect of ITIL requirements.

Reporting, Analytics, and Resource Management

With configurable dashboards and default reports for SLAs, resource workloads, and customer satisfaction, you’ll be able to track and improve every aspect of the ITSM cycle. Agents have real-time queue updates that allow them to reprioritize tasks according to the incident’s severity. Additional billing features ensure you accurately manage your external SLAs.

Collaboration and Teamwork

You can expand teams as required, with complete control overview, edit, and update rights. Involving the right people early in the process helps address the problems quickly or launch corrective actions as projects into other departments.

With the easy integration to both Confluence and Jira Software and tools like Halp and Slack, you can ensure the ITSM management model is part of an agile organizational culture. Service Desk Agents can update confluence content while tracking code fixes until their resolution during the SLDC with Jira Service Management.

Deploy Easily While Retaining Brand Recognition

No matter what your IT service model is, Jira Service Management can support your deployment needs. With cloud or data center deployments available, you can easily benefit from a comprehensive service and support center.

Atlassian’s Marketplace provides further extensibility with tools that can customize the entire user interface to manage brand identity and recognition. You can use templates to build interfaces that support the organization’s brand design and ensure customer familiarity. With tools that improve monitoring and extend automatic incident identification, your Jira Service Management becomes a powerful tool in your company’s agile capabilities.

ReleaseTEAM and Atlassian’s Jira Service Management Solution

For IT Service Management teams to succeed, they need real-time insights into the development processes and defects that arise from the IT infrastructure daily. They need consolidated information from the system architects and product teams to ensure they provide the right feedback to stakeholders and customers alike.

ReleaseTEAM can implement your comprehensive ITSM solution using Jira Service Management and its associated tools using their industry expertise with minimal organizational disruption. With years of fighting in the SDLC trenches, they have seen it all and know what your company should expect and prepare for.

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