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Search, Track, and Visualize Code Changes

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Fisheye is a tool used for tracking, searching, and visualizing changes to your code base. You can setup graphical representations for code activities, compare changes side-by-side or with unified diffs, and track the entire process using activity streams.

When you integrate Fisheye with Crucible, you can follow code review activities and receive notifications of the changes as they occur. Fisheye supports popular Source Control Management solutions such as Git, SVN, Mercurial, and Perforce. You can implement Fisheye as a code management support tool with any of these repositories.

Fisheye Improves the Decision Making Process

When making decisions to influence your code’s reliability, you need information regarding the changes quickly and from a single source. Fisheye provides easy access and insightful graphical representations of the activities your team is performing.

Fisheye closes the loop on the transparency of the entire code build, test, and release cycles. When used with Jira Software and Crucible, you can track all the events and activities from a single place, and generate reports that indicate progress, lowlights, or bottlenecks.

With a wide variety of features available, Fisheye delivers insights quickly.

Process and Task Integration

With many tools involved in the Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) process, Fisheye integrates and pulls all the code base related information into a single place. The ability to track issues from Jira Software, find their related changes in the code, and automatically complete issues using Crucible code reviews, ensure the entire build and release process improves.

By setting up personalized notifications, you can ensure you remain informed about only the items you need. It reduces noise and provides feedback to the teams who need the updates. As the teams solve issues and release features, you can immediately react. With each new commit, your CD/CI process becomes more efficient.

Find Changes Quickly when Needed

With a powerful search capability, Fisheye ensures you can quickly find any changes you need. You can use filenames, partial paths, usernames, Jira Software issue keys, or even user names. With keyword and phrases also supported, finding the change you need is quick, easy, and accurate. Once Fisheye returns a result, you can rapidly move to the directory, file, or related charts.

You can also explore file histories, seeing all edits and past changes, then switch to diff or annotated views to explore the change details. Fisheye provides a complete overview of every change in your architecture including branches, tags, diffs, revisions, and changesets.

Inform the Company of Change Progress

You can build charts and code metrics or reports to inform all stakeholders about the progress of the project. Fisheye captures changes down to the lines of code committed, shows the top committers, and the volume of changes, helping you develop actionable intelligence of the software delivery process.

Integrate Fisheye for Better Insights

Fisheye can integrate with all the tools used in the CD/CI software lifecycle. When integrated with Bamboo, you track which changes triggered your builds from Fisheye. Using Fisheye with Bitbucket Server, you’ll receive notifications on updates to any repositories. Once a code update occurs, you can easily initiate reviews from Crucible.

You can use smart syntax to improve the overall build, test, and release process to update Jira Software issues or code reviews from Crucible as part of your commit messages. Fisheye helps you streamline the finalization of changes and release to production tasks.

Unleash the Power of Fisheye with Atlassian Marketplace Plugins

The Atlassian Marketplace also provides plugins to drive and enhance Fisheye’s capabilities. From release reporting and source copying to single-sign-on (SSO) and announcement tools, there are plugins available that improve every part of your CD/CI process.

ReleaseTEAM also develops custom plugins for Atlassian tools such as Bamboo and Jira Software. If you need specialized integrations and plugins for Fisheye, ReleaseTEAM can build them for you.

ReleaseTEAM as your Atlassian Solution Partner

If you’re in need of a team of experts that have been in the trenches of the software development industry and know all the pitfalls, ReleaseTEAM can help. With more than twenty years of experience in the field of digital transformation, their experts can guide you to success. Whether you need consulting, development, SDLC management, or Process Automation services, ReleaseTEAM can assist with any requirements you have.

Atlassian’s suite of tools drive the global CD/CI process, delivering value to the best software development teams around the world. If you need to take action and improve your organization’s build, test, and release cycles, ReleaseTEAM can assist you.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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