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Atlassian’s Crucible helps you build reliable code with collaborative reviews that ensure compliance and quality. It provides lightweight, formal code review tools that are workflow-driven and performed iteratively. By consolidating and formalizing your review cycles, your teams will deliver higher quality code, more frequently, and with greater confidence.

Crucible also boasts powerful integration features for customizations that match any use case. If the integration you need doesn’t exist, you can build your own using the REST API. The centralized control of all your code reviews and comprehensive audit trails will speed up time to release and deployment.

Crucible Brings Confidence to Your Code Changes

With real-time activity streams and workflow based code reviews, Crucible ensures the changes to your architecture are controlled and complete. During the review cycle, team members can collaborate on changes using inline comments or threaded discussions. Once you identify issues and start the process of correction, iterative follow-ups ensure everyone involved remains informed.

Formalize Review Cycles

For major code updates, you can formalize the review process by using complete workflows designed in Crucible. You can assign reviewers from your team, and ensure you review the entire code base before triggering the release processes.

When fixing bugs, quicker code reviews can do the trick, speeding up the cycles and improving the frequency of your releases. As Crucible caters for both scenarios, you will retain complete control over the quality of your code.

Collaborate Inside the Code

If reviewers find issues during a review, inline comments ensure the problem receives attention from the coders involved. Inline comments can evolve into threaded discussions when complex problems arise. The decisions from the team regarding how to proceed is stored inside the reviewed code, letting Crucible maintain a reliable history of changes.

Activity streams show the real-time code review progress, improving oversight and productivity tracking. With iterative review tasks, activity streams will show where bottlenecks are creating backlog creeps.

Track Code Reviews and Performance

Using unified views, you can keep up to date with all the code activities, including commits, reviews, and reviewer comments. You can establish metrics for the review teams, enabling Crucible to intervene when tasks start lagging. With report data on the reviews per line of code, you can track the entire process easily and ensure you remain on track to release on schedule.

With the iterative abilities of Crucible, you can study the impacts of code changes and make sure all files remain current during the refactoring process. Real-time notifications ensure everyone is on the same page, using @mentions inside the comments or threads.

Crucible Integrates with Tools That Ensure the Continuous Delivery Process

As part of the larger development ecosystem, Crucible integrates with Jira Software or Fisheye, improving the Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CI/CD) process. When integrated with Jira Software, review findings can generate issues with a single click. For code that passed the review, you can update the Jira Software status directly from Crucible.

Tailored for distributed teams, Crucible keeps everyone working towards the same goal with asynchronous control. Since Crucible is a web-based application, your reviewers can access work from any connected device.

Comprehensive Audit Trails Guarantees Code Quality

By recording all the details surrounding every review step, Crucible builds a comprehensive audit trail of the entire process. You can customize your Jira Software system to stop build or release tasks if anyone skipped a section of code or the review is incomplete.

For enterprise compliance, audit trails and automatic release prevention stop catastrophes before they happen. With integrations into all the major Source Control Management solutions such as Git, Mercurial, CVS, and Perforce, you can deploy Crucible for any software development team.

Extensions that Drive Code Quality during Reviews

The Atlassian Marketplace provides many plugins that further enhance Crucible’s features. There are additional third-party integrations as well as productivity enhancers or added security features. With a powerful REST API, you can build your own integrations with existing infrastructure and development tools.

ReleaseTEAM also builds customized plugins for Atlassian products, enabling your organization to leverage any toolset and improve the review cycles during development. By formalizing the reviews required to deliver new software features or applications consistently, your company will ship code more reliably, more frequently, and with better quality.

ReleaseTEAM solves Implementation Issues Expertly

Partnering with ReleaseTEAM to deploy your development productivity tools ensures you have access to agile experts. ReleaseTEAM has fought in the trenches of the software development industry for over twenty years. They have seen it all and know what to expect when adopting new development processes or technologies. With services that include Staff Mentoring, Augmentation, Consulting, Support, Process Automation, and SDLC Management, they can assist you with every facet of rolling out new systems or set of tools.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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