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Confluence gives teams the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge from a central location. The tool allows users and team members to create and update pages and blogs with the latest SDLC information.

Using Confluence with Jira Software, you can keep all your work in one place. When teams are required to build and release their code quickly, access to the latest project information is of critical importance.

Access to Project Information from Anywhere

By deploying Confluence on the cloud, your team members can make or suggest edits from anywhere, using any connected device. Product specifications, project plans, and review checklists are all stored for quick access and any updates shared with assigned users.

Project Planning

Setup project plans by assigning roles such as Driver, Approver, Contributors, and Informed Stakeholders. Setup project objectives and due dates, KPIs and track the status of tasks. From defining the problem statement to building the business benefit description, Confluence allows you to quickly setup the plan and manage the project until completion.

Conduct Meetings and Store Notes

Setup the discussion points for meetings, assign feedback to individual team members and store their notes for review in the future. The Confluence collaboration features mean everyone on your team is up to date with their project responsibilities and deadlines.

Define Requirements

You can document user stories and use cases, connect them to epics and assign priorities to the new features. With Confluence, you can then link them to any issues registered in the incident tracking software. Assign the technical leads, define the document requirements, and set the due dates for release, all from a single, accessible source.

Confluence ensures your product definitions are complete and comprehensively integrated with your build and release environments. Everybody in the team will benefit from greater visibility of the project’s requirements.

Plan the Release to Market

Confluence helps you plan the release of your products with goals, objectives, programs, and timelines. Manage all the facets of a new build or release (or any other business process plan) in Confluence, sharing responsibilities and the expected outcomes with teams quickly and easily.

Blog your Knowledge

Once you’ve developed the products and features, combine the information into a comprehensive Knowledge Base or detailed blog. Publish updates as they occur, ensuring you consistently inform users about the latest features of your products and software solutions.

Confluence Collaborative Features

To strengthen your organization’s collaboration efforts, Confluence provides:

  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Task Tracking
  • Mobile Access
  • Organizational Labels
  • Power Search Capabilities
  • Easy To Use Templates
  • History and Audit Trails
  • Flexible Permissions

Using these features, Confluence speeds up the review and feedback cycles during the SDLC and moves work forward quickly. Using inline and page comments, your team members can quickly ask for help when they don’t find the answers they need.

With templates for everything from Minutes of Meetings and Project Plans to Requirement Specifications and How To guides, you can get up and running with limited effort and adapt the content to meet your needs.

Extend your Confluence using Atlassian Apps

Atlassian Marketplace plugins provide charts and diagrams, new document and page styles or themes, as well as content and document management extensions, all improve the SDLC process and is easily integrated with Confluence.

ReleaseTEAM develops plugins for Confluence, meaning customers can leverage the power of collaboration for every stage of the SDLC.

Environments Supported by Confluence

You can deploy Confluence on the Cloud, in a Data Center, or your own company servers. Giving you the flexibility to use its powerful features no matter what constraints your software development processes faces.

With Confluence deployed as a cloud-based or datacenter solutions, you will be able to scale just as quickly as the organization. It means more teams working on builds and releasing more frequently, without need to spin up new servers wait for hardware.

ReleaseTEAM and Atlassian’s Confluence Streamlines Company Collaboration

As Agile is taking over more and more of the software development world, the tools required for storing, sharing, and creating related information need to be robust, reliable, and extendible. Confluence integrates with other continuous integration and continuous delivery systems such as Jira and Trello, helping every team member keep track of the latest tasks and issues on the project.

ReleaseTEAM has extensive experience delivering SDLC consulting services and providing custom software solutions to the Atlassian suite of tools. When choosing a software consultancy to partner with, a team that has been around the block and seen it all will ensure you avoid the known pitfalls and organizational disruptions.

ReleaseTEAM as Your DevOps Partner

ReleaseTEAM has been at the forefront of DevOps process adoption and specializes in all the technologies and processes involved.

Choose ReleaseTEAM for all your enterprise collaboration needs. Our services, including sales and licensing solutions; consulting services – migrations, implementations, integrations, and upgrades; staff augmentation; team mentoring; and dedicated technical support, are tailored to elevate your team's productivity.

Contact us today to discover how we can transform your team’s efficiency and productivity.

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