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Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Release Management

Deployment Options: Data Center** | Server*

* end of sales: Sept 2021 | end of support: Feb 2024
** available August 2021

Bamboo ties your continuous delivery pipeline together with a single workflow. It automates builds, tests, and deployments during the SDLC in order to release code more frequently, and with higher confidence. Bamboo also supports any type of language and integrates other technologies like AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon S3, and Docker.

As a server hosted solution, Bamboo provides complete control over the Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) process. For a cloud deployed build, test, and deployment CD/CI solution, Atlassian provides Bitbucket Pipelines instead.

Software Teams and Bamboo lets you Release with Ease

Improving the build and release cycles means connecting the right tools during the right stages of the process. Bamboo allows you to define the entire deployment project as a single workflow, meaning you can keep using the automated infrastructure already developed while pulling all build and release related information into a single location.

Improving Code Quality Continuously

Bamboo is geared towards continuous improvement in every aspect of the frequent build and release SDLC. The teams that use Bamboo benefit from up to one-hundred remote agents that run tests in parallel batches, helping them get feedback quickly.

With environment-centric permissions, both developers and QAs can deploy builds into their respective environments to continue working. While quarantines quickly remove failed tests from the deployment, ensuring the builds remain stable.

Integrations that ensure you Retain Control

With a Git, Mercurial, and SVN repo branch detection feature, Bamboo can automatically apply the main branch’s CI schemes. It further ensures code quality from a single point of control in the delivery pipeline.

Bamboo can also trigger builds from upstream changes like push notifications received from Bitbucket. Builds can also be scheduled or set to run as soon as another build completes. Docker tasks within build plans let you create your image and deploy it to a registry. Bamboo also has Docker Agents that you can use, available from the Docker Hub.

Prioritize Deployments with Dedicated Agents

By allocating dedicated agents to the deployment projects, builds won’t hold up the delivery process. The deployment project contains all the software that passed testing and is ready for release to your environments. Using dedicated agents ensure your team delivers critical fixes and priority releases without having to wait in the queue.

Rollup Deployments for Full Visibility

When integrated with Jira Software and Bitbucket, you gain complete visibility of the process from planning to delivery. You can easily roll up builds, see their issues, and track their fixes from a single view. Doing this allows your team members to plan their work better and see what you expect from them in the future.

Source Control Management Support and Audit Trails

Bamboo can connect to SVN, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS, and of course, Git. This helps you tie each build to the changes made including any commit messages, code author’s details, dates and reference numbers.

Bamboo provides a complete build and deployment audit trail. You can investigate the repositories with a single click, find the differences, and explore the history of all the changes made.

Plugins that Drive the CI/CD Process

With lots of additional plugins available from the Atlassian Marketplace, you can further extend Bamboo’s capabilities to improve your organization’s SDLC. With release notes automations, to collaboration tools that ensure developers and operations keep each other informed, there are a wealth of tools available.

Using Bamboo as a complete, integrated delivery pipeline for your CI/CD solution means you can ensure teams work together more frequently, from a single source, with complete insight into the process. Everyone involved in the cycles will deliver better quality work in a shorter amount of time.

A Solution that Suits any Development Strategy

No matter what SDLC your company adopts – Bamboo works well with Agile, Kanban, DevOps, or any hybrid development processes. By demystifying the build, test, and deploy tasks, the entire organization will gain extra confidence in their ability to succeed. It also ensures that teams can centralize their schemes and apply CI control from the main branch alone.

By improving the test and deployment capabilities with Atlassian Marketplace extensions (built for almost every environment), Bamboo is the complete CI/CD automation tool.

ReleaseTEAM as a CI/CD Solution Provider

ReleaseTEAM has over twenty years of experience fighting the trenches of the digital transformation industry. As a proven expert in continuous delivery and continuous integration, their consultants know the ins and outs that come with DevOps and Agile project implementations.

With their own Atlassian Marketplace plugins developed for Jira and Confluence, they can guide you through each stage of the process, and ensure you build a solution that achieves your business objectives. ReleaseTEAM can assist with Staff Mentoring or Augmentation, Process Automation, Process Definition as well as sales, support and consulting on various solutions.

Contact us on (866) 887-0489 or today to speak to an expert about your next DevOps project.

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