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Amazon Web Services

Complete Solution Delivery Pipelines

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a group of cloud-computing tools that deliver a comprehensive platform for software development and delivery processes. Launched in 2002, the AWS platform has grown and evolved along with modern digital technology and was relaunched under new direction in 2006.

AWS hosts the entire platform on server farms spread entirely over the globe, with AWS virtual computer clusters managed by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Since 2017, more than 90 different services were available as part of AWS, providing storage, computing, networking, database, application, analytics, management, deployment, traditional and mobile development tools. Recent additions include services for building IoT (Internet of Things) and AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) applications.

The AWS Ecosystem

The AWS ecosystem is rich with features and tools to deliver world-class software development and CI/CD pipelines – from analytics to application integration, simple computing and blockchain capabilities. With the AWS Marketplace, features and solutions from independent vendors empower developers to simply find, buy, and deploy new services very quickly and securely.

AWS Key Solutions Drives the Modern Connected World

With software delivery cycles becoming shorter each year, improving the reliability of releases for new, sophisticated solutions isn’t easy. AWS improves CI/CD DevOps lifecycles by providing services, tools, and solutions for a wide variety of requirements.

Building Enterprise Applications on AWS

Using AWS cloud computing solutions, you can build sophisticated, enterprise-grade applications that have all the necessary compliance and security measures included. Moving legacy systems to cloud-based applications and services can reduce the cost of maintenance by as much as 50%.

The Enterprise Application solutions include:

  • Enterprise Support with fast response times including dedicated technical resources
  • Partner Ecosystem dedicated in solving customer issues and focused on your success
  • Training and Certification for deep technical cloud skills and knowledge transfer
  • Managed Services for maximum availability and scalability
  • Professional Services with experienced engineers, architects, and IT transformation leads

AWS Data Management and Storage Solutions

With Data Lakes and comprehensive analytical tools, moving data from your premises to AWS can take place in real-time and include machine learned ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) during the process. The AWS Direct Connect service ensures movement isn’t disruptive to your operations, while Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose can inject new sources into your on-site data systems.

The data management features include:

  • Object Storage with Amazon S3 for secure, scalable, and durable data access
  • Backup and Archive with Amazon Glacier for long-term storage that is cost-effective
  • Data Cataloging with AWS Glue to make data discoverable and includes ETL features

AWS Container Build and Deployment

AWS supports Docker Containers that allow you to easily build lightweight applications that can run anywhere in any environment. Container images mean you can reduce resource consumption as applications only utilize computing power during runtime. Using the AWS set of orchestration services, you can quickly build and deploy applications that include all dependencies, configurations, and libraries inside a contained service architecture.

Features available for AWS container applications include:

  • Microservices that provide process isolation
  • Hybrid application workflows for applications that run between on-premises and cloud environments
  • The ability to migrate legacy applications completely to cloud-hosted solutions
  • Batch processing of ETL jobs onto containers for quicker scaling and dynamic demand response.
  • Machine learning models that train and infer container responses close to your hosted data.

Additional Services Available from AWS

AWS provides the most comprehensive set of tools, solutions, microservices and almost every other software you can imagine. While the ecosystem is always evolving, solutions for Windows Technology Stacks, DevOps lifecycle productivity, Serverless Computing and Machine Learned analytics are currently available.

AWS solutions benefit from security and compliance controls, provide hybrid deployment options, and remain inherently scalable. With a world of ready-to-deploy technology solutions, moving your operations to AWS can reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability and availability, as well as enhance customer experience.

ReleaseTEAM as Your AWS Solution Expert

ReleaseTEAM has a dedicated group of experts that can assist with any AWS migration or new implementation. By providing expertise to teams using the CI/CD pipeline and DevOps lifecycle since 1999, ReleaseTEAM can advise you during every step of your cloud migration strategy. ReleaseTEAM offers staff training and mentoring, augmentation for the entire Application Lifecycle (ALC), software sales, as well as support.

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