Agile ALM for Distributed Development

CollabNet TeamForge is an integrated suite of web-based development and collaboration tools for Agile software development. By centralizing management of users, projects, processes, and IP assets, TeamForge dramatically reduces costs, increases productivity, and improves project visibility.

CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 features enhanced Agile planning capabilities for project teams as well as new personalization options. What does this mean for you? Read more here.

Using TeamForge, all teams can benefit from:

  • Web-based Subversion management
  • Lean/Agile project management
  • Centralized repository of key development assets
  • Scalable collaboration framework
  • Rich set of software development tools

Support for Multiple Methodologies

TeamForge supports multiple methodologies in a single interface—Agile, waterfall, or a hybrid approach—letting you create a single source-of-truth across all of your development projects while you move to Agile at a pace that's right for you.


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