March 2024

Fáilte (Welcome) to our March edition!

As we spring forward into longer days, let's also embrace the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with a touch of green in our DevOps world. This month, we're focusing on refreshing our strategies, innovating with time-saving practices, and celebrating the luck of the skillful.

Sláinte (cheers) to progress and prosperity in our DevOps journey!

Cloud Native: Serverless Development Models

Serverless doesn't mean zero servers! Instead, let your cloud providers manage the infrastructure for you, reducing the burden on your developers and Ops team to manage, scale, and predict capacity with a Serverless approach. Read our last blog post in the Cloud-native series.

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Los Angeles, CA

March 15


Raleigh, NC

April 10-11


Birmingham, AL

April 17-18


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SCaLE 21x

March 14-17

Pasadena, CA

Game Developers Conference

March 18-22

San Francisco, CA

Powershell & DevOps Global Summit

April 8-11

Bellevue, WA


April 9-11

Atlanta, GA

Google Cloud Next '24

April 9-11

Las Vegas, NV

C5 Cyber & IT Forum Hawaii

April 16-17

Honolulu, HI

cdCon & Open Source Summit

April 16-18

Seattle, WA

GitLab Hackathon

April 21-28


Space Force SSC Cyber Expo

April 23-24

Los Angeles, CA


April 28-May 3

Orlando, FL

Atlassian Team '24

April 29-May 2

Las Vegas, NV