September 2023

The end of summer is marked by the return of children to school, and the tech community is seeing more employers demand a return of workers to the office. Surveys and data show that 80% of bosses regret forcing employees back into the office (see article).

Before changing WFH (work-from-home) policies, evaluate what outcomes you're looking to achieve. There may be a better tool that improves productivity or collaboration. If current workloads contribute to burnout, putting everyone in the same room will not fix that. If you're unsure where to start, determine if you have visibility into your teams' work and then start eliminating roadblocks in the value stream.

Cloud-Native Observability

"You cannot improve what you do not measure," especially if you don't even know it's happening. Last month we covered the benefits of going cloud-native, but organizations adopting a cloud-native strategy should plan for cloud observability to reap the most benefits.

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Upcoming Conferences

DevOps Days Events

Des Moines, IA

September 7-8


Boise, ID

September 12


Washington, D.C.

September 13-14


Atlanta, GA

September 18-19


Tampa Bay, FL

September 21


Buffalo, NY

September 27-28


Indianapolis, IN

October 5-6


Boston, MA

October 16-17


Detroit, MI

October 18-19


GitLab DevSecOps World Tour

Mountain View, CA

September 19

Irvine, CA

September 21

Dallas, TX

October 5

New York City, NY

October 12

Washington, DC

October 25

DevOps Institute SKILupDays

Open Source

September 20


Other Events

AWS Public Sector Symposium

September 7

Ottawa, ON


September 13

Richmond, VA

DevOps World Tour - NYC Area

September 13-14

New Jersey, NJ


September 25-28

New York, NY


September 26-27

Seattle, WA

Government Innovation Colorado

September 27

Denver, CO

DevOps World Tour - Chicago

September 27

Chicago, IL


October 1-6

Anaheim, CA

JiraCon 23

October 4


DevOps Enterprise Summit

October 3-5

Las Vegas, NV

DockerCon Live

October 4-5

Los Angeles, CA

DevOps Stage 2023

October 6


NASCIO Annual Conference

October 8-11

Minneapolis, MN

DevOps World Tour - Silicon Valley

October 18-19

Santa Clara, CA

Momentum Developer Conference

October 19

Cincinnati, OH

GitKon 2023

October 24-26


API:World (contains Microservices World)

October 24-26

San Jose, CA

AI Dev World

October 25-27

San Jose, CA

All Day DevOps (ADDO)

October 26