May 2023

ChatGPT, AI, and LLMs continue to make the headlines as software and DevOps engineers test the boundaries of the different tools that have hit the market. Tools like GitHub Copilot can help engineers code faster. Launching an AI product too early can damage an organization's reputation; just ask Google Bard.

Meanwhile, companies like Reddit and Stack Overflow are looking at ways to protect and ethically license the vast amounts of data their users have contributed and that LLMs are using as training data without attribution.

Whether you're excited or cautious about the future of LLMs, now is the time for organizations to consider how they want their data leveraged and what safeguards they're putting in place to ensure that generated code is secure and optimized. How are your teams leveraging these tools? Let us know!

Adopting DevOps in a Bureaucratic Institution

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, implementing DevOps has become essential for organizations to stay competitive and meet the growing demands of their users. However, implementing DevOps in public sector and government organizations can be challenging due to the bureaucratic processes and procedures that are typically in place.

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