March 2023

AI continues to show tremendous promise to help speed up research, brainstorm new ideas, and suggest code. However, recent tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT also demonstrate the importance of human creativity and validation. Employees who rely too heavily on these tools may not understand the logic behind formulas or code or go on a wild goose chase tracking down sources that just don't exist.

Just recently, JPMorgan banned the use of ChatGPT, and Google shares dropped $100 billion after its AI chatbot made a mistake. We're optimistic about AI's role in future innovation and excited about the recent evolution, but we recommend letting your developers and engineers know how much you value their critical thinking.

DevOps for Higher Education

DevOps isn't just for private industry, it's making a difference in government and higher education. This month, we look at how colleges and universities are using DevOps to gain an advantage for their students, their faculty, and their budgets.

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