February 2023

For many companies, the warning from CircleCI to immediately rotate all secrets led to a fire drill response. Simply auditing the secrets, identifying where they live, and determining if rotating them required downtime, was a costly and time-consuming activity. In addition to downtime affecting customer perception, companies are re-forecasting their planned work sprints to accommodate the interruption. You have our deepest admiration and sympathy if your organization was caught up in remediation.

One silver lining from the past few chaotic weeks is that organizations have a clearer understanding of where their secrets are stored and may have even identified some that can be removed. That audit will come in handy as developer tools continue to grow in popularity as attack targets. We're crossing our fingers for a relatively calm February!


Policy as a code started as an offshoot of infrastructure as code, but organizations that adopt both see improved productivity and fewer errors. Learn about each in our latest blog post

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