January 2022

Happy New Year! We're optimistic that the tech industry will take what we've learned from 2020 and 2021 to improve hiring, application quality, and culture. There's only so much that tools can do, so it's important to both remember and accommodate the human aspect.

Videoconferencing fatigue is real, but it's forcing teams to prioritize what should be a meeting and what could be achieved asynchronously. Companies are hiring the talent they need, regardless of where they are located. Developers are rejecting long commutes and inflexible hours as part of the Great Resignation.

Setting up your DevOps teams for success with the resources, tools, and executive support they need will help you retain and attract talent in 2022. It's a bright future, let's get started.

And now, for our January roundup of DevOps news:

Git Solutions: How to Choose the Right One Has Changed

Part Two: Choosing A Git Hosting Solution: Is Bitbucket Right For You?

This month we take a deeper look at Atlassian's BitBucket. Is this Git hosting platform the right one for your team?

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Open DevOps Discussions (ODDs)

ODDs sessions will be taking the holidays off and will return to regular scheduling on January 14, 2022

Fridays 2pm MT / 4pm ET

Join industry veteran, author, and CEO, Shawn Doyle for an open discussion. Talk about DevOps Tools, industry news, vendor gossip, career options, and more!

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