November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're thrilled with the crisp autumn air and colorful leaves this time of year. There are a lot of reasons to be grateful this year - the rollout of vaccines has enabled a return of some in-person conferences, the Great Resignation has brought challenges but also incredible opportunities for developers and teams, and many companies have recognized that a healthy work culture can accelerate innovation with remote teams. What are you grateful for this year?  

And now, for our November round-up of DevOps news:

Value Stream Management

Part Four: Value Stream Management: Platforms and Tools

Can your value stream management platform scale, integrate third-party DevOps tools, and provide a unified dashboard that helps your business eliminate bottlenecks? These are just a few of the criteria you should use when deciding to "build or buy."

Open DevOps Discussions (ODDs)

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Join industry veteran, author, and CEO, Shawn Doyle for an open discussion. Talk about DevOps Tools, industry news, vendor gossip, career options, and more!

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Upcoming Conferences

DevOps Days Events

Washington, DC

November 4


Atlanta, GA

January 26-27, 2022


DevOps Institute SKILupDays

Low Code/No Code

November 18


Other Events

QCon Plus

November 1-12


DevOps Summit Canada

November 8-9


IoT DevCon

November 9


Agile + DevOps East

November 15-19


DevOps and Automation Summit

November 19


AWS re:Invent

November 29-December 3

Las Vegas, NV