July 2020

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Welcome to our July 2020 Newsletter! Read on for the latest industry news, updates from our partners, but unfortunately, no conference news.

The System is Down. Whose Fault is It, Anyway?

The Importance of a Zero Blame Culture in DevOps

The "us versus them""mentality leads to blaming other teams, when you should be focused on learning from incidents to improve processes and overall productivity.

Free Webinar for the Public Sector

Getting Started in DevOps: Keys to Making it Easier

with Industry Veteran, Author, and CEO
Shawn Doyle

Planning on implementing DevOps in your organization?
Has your department implemented DevOps, and you want to contribute more?
Want to make it a smoother transition?

Shawn Doyle speaks with Joseph Valeriano, Solutions Architect at GitLab, about getting started in DevOps. Q&A session to follow.

Tuesday July 21st at 10am MT

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At this time, all events in the US and Canada have either been canceled or postponed. The next scheduled events are in the fall.