October 2019

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Welcome to our October Newsletter! It's spooky how many bits of the latest DevOps news, updates from our Partners, and upcoming conferences we have for you this month.

People, Processes, and Tools: The Foundation of DevOps

We hope you enjoyed our 7-part blog series on the challenges and solutions for DevOps in the public sector. This month we discuss the three pillars of software development (People, Process, and Tools); they predate the DevOps movement but are as important as ever. In our latest blog, we examine why:

Security Advisory

Atlassian has announced critical severity security advisories affecting Server and Data Center versions of:

Partner News and Announcements

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2019 Conferences

DevOps Days Events

Raleigh, NC

October 1-2

Hartford, CT

October 2-3

Philadelphia, PA

October 22-23

Detroit, MI

October 23-24

Kansas City, MO

October 24-25

Montreal, QC

November 5-6

Chattanooga, TN

November 12

Learn Chef Rally Roadtrip

  • Columbus, OH | October 1
  • Minneapolis, MN | October 3
  • Denver, CO | October 8
  • Boston, MA | October 8
  • Denver, CO | October 8
  • Boston, MA | October 8
  • New York, NY | October 10
  • Reston, VA | October 15
  • Atlanta, GA | October 17

Other Conferences

Colorado Digital Government Summit

October 1

Denver, CO

AWS Summits

October 3

Toronto, ON

Puppetize PDX

October 9-10

Portland, OR

Splunk .conf19

October 21-24

Las Vegas, NV

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES)

August 12-15

Las Vegas, NV

Agile + DevOps East

November 3-8

Orlando, FL

Microsoft Ignite

November 4-8

Orlando, FL

GitHub Universe

November 13-14

San Francisco, CA