May 2019

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Welcome to Our May Newsletter! We have exciting industry news! Of course, we still have all the other news, updates from our Partners, and the latest on upcoming conferences. Want to know more? Keep reading below...

Tackling Technical Debt Blog Series

Part One: Categorizing Technical Debt

Not all technical debt is created equal! In our newest blog post, we identify four types of technical debt your development teams may encounter. Identify which types you've taken on so that you can easily prioritize which to tackle first.

We want to thank everyone who attended the After Summit Happy Hour or stopped by our booth at DevOpsDays Denver. You help to make these events great!

Partner News and Announcements

Cloudbees Acquires Electric Cloud, Adds Two New Products

The CloudBees Accelerator Logo. Accelerator:

Acclerate Build and Test Stages, and Optimize Resources. get the info sheet

The CloudBees Flow Logo. Flow:

Automate & Orchestrate Software Releases, Pipelines, & Deployments. get the info sheet

2019 Conferences

DevOps Days Events


May 2-3

Des Moines

May 2-3


May 9-10

Salt Lake City

May 14-15


May 29-30


May 30

AWS Summits


May 2


May 15


May 30

Other Conferences

GitLab Contribute

April 28-May 3

New Orleans

Lucidchart Connect

May 15

San Francisco


May 20-23


Tricentis Accelerate

May 22-23

San Francisco

Agile & DevOps West

June 2-7

Las Vegas

IoT DevCon

June 5-6

Santa Clara

JFrog SwampUp

June 17-19

Bellevue, WA