February 2019
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Welcome to Our February Newsletter! This issue is packed with the latest DevOps industry news, updates from our Partners, and information on upcoming conferences. We're pleased to offer a special discount on Atlassian Summit registrations for our customers and to sponsor the Denver and L.A. DevOpsDays events. Want to know more? Keep reading below...

Balancing Speed to Market and Regulations

DevOps is often associated with rapidly releasing new code in pursuit of shorter software development cycles and continuous improvement. What happens for industries with high levels of regulations that can be time-consuming? Are government contractors, healthcare software solutions, and other regulated industries simply unable to adopt or benefit from DevOps?

The answer lies in finding the sweet spot between doing things faster and doing things right. Companies that implement DevOps without quality controls or verifying that they’re delivering the right product won’t pass regulatory compliance, while companies that avoid change will be slower to market than competitors.


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