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6 Steps to a Successful DevOps Tool Migration – Step 6: Training Staff on New Tools and Procedures

Formalizing the knowledge gathered and lessons learned during the previous phases of the migration project into training material is the final step in completing a successful DevOps tool upgrade. There will be opportunities to train staff during each preceding phase, from the assessment of the legacy systems, developing a proof of concept, building and launching the new environment, and finally evaluating the technology stack for efficacy.

The development of the training material should form part of the considerations during each previous phase of the project. How to present new information to users and which knowledge bases should be converted into guides should form part of the team’s responsibilities from the project’s inception. Once the team defines the training requirements, you can decide what will be the most productive skills transfer methodology.

Augmenting staff with tool experts may also be required. Depending on the size of the overall project and organizational change implemented, establishing a training plan early in the entire process is of utmost importance.

The migration champions will be key during this phase and should continue to study and implement any best practices not previously identified. Using external consultants and experienced DevOps tool migration experts will ensure all the new users can perform their tasks in the new system confidently.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 6-part series on migrating tools. The complete eBook goes into more detail; you can download it here.

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