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6 Steps to a Successful DevOps Tool Migration – Step 5: Evaluating and Confirming the New DevOps Environment

The evaluation of the tool migration project should provide verifiable proof that all aspects of the Application Lifecycle (ALC) are performing according to expectations. As a finalization phase of the tool migration initiative, the roadmap and established metrics of the processes developed previously provides the framework for measuring the project’s overall success. The evaluation phase can kick-off after assessing the legacy environment, developing a proof of concept, building the environment, and launching the new technology stack successfully.

If the project achieved all the stated goals, you could communicate the outcomes with stakeholders while continuously monitoring the environment carefully. Additionally, all the lessons learned during the previous phases should be documented and form part of a formal knowledge base.

The roadmaps and process models developed can now become a reference guide for any future tool changes, ensuring minimal disruption during any subsequent productivity initiatives. To improve the pipeline, implement best practices, and seek out further efficiencies. As part of the evaluation and confirmation phase, you should communicate the closeout to all process owners, migration champions, line management, and all project stakeholders, including the C-Suite.

Continue monitoring the new environment and verify you’ve met or exceeded all requirements before discontinuing the legacy technology stack. Once the new environment is stable and continues to operate according to the stated goals, you’ll have successfully implemented a DevOps tool migration without creating any operational disruptions.

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