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6 Steps to a Successful DevOps Tool Migration – Step 4: Launching the Improved Technology Stack

The launch of the improved DevOps tools and technology stack can commence after a comprehensive assessment and proof of concept is completed. You will also need to build the new environment and burn-in the solutions in parallel to your current environment. As you’ll be cutting over to a new DevOps toolset, the launch phase carries some risk to the migration project. Using expert consultants would alleviate the concerns and ensure you are well prepared. Any shortcomings not previously identified could put the entire project on hold, so all due diligence should be completed before starting to plan the launch.

Once you are comfortable and certain that all necessary tools, processes, dependencies, and support architecture is in place, you can plan the cutover to the newly built environment. To ensure you can deal with any unknown issues, you’ll need to include a rollback plan as part of the cutover. You’ll need to communicate the cutover plan to everyone in the organization and provide details for each task or responsibility assigned. The project should already have established continuous feedback cycles, and these communication channels will now be required to inform the migration team of any issues identified for each cutover item conducted.

Using the DevOps champions and tool experts, you’ll need to develop training for all resources based on the newly implemented processes and solutions. The migration project team should address all organizational challenges and risks before setting the go-live date. Once everyone is informed and the risks mitigated with rollback plans, you can implement the cutover.

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