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6 Steps to a Successful DevOps Tool Migration – Step 2: Planning and Proving the Concept

Proving a concept is what eventually makes it a reality. It’s why the second phase in a successful DevOps tool migration project is so essential. During the initial phase, you’ll establish a team and gather the exact requirements. For the next step, you’ll be testing the solutions to your problems. Once the migration project team has a mapped-out landscape of the current environment, now is the time to decide on where you can make improvements - and how.

The team needs to develop a project roadmap and to collaborate with all the stakeholders frequently. The roadmap will consist of all the tasks and responsibilities for team members, including the due dates for each. Regular feedback cycles with tool and process efficiencies will drive the iterative Proof of Concept (POC) process. The team should consistently verify that the plan would meet the documented project goals.

A sandboxed environment will allow the responsible team members to swap out new software without disrupting the current pipeline. By deploying accurate monitoring systems for both the current production environment and the test instance, you’ll be able to provide hard evidence about the performance of the new tools to all the stakeholders.

During this stage, outside vendors and software providers will want to show you how good their solutions are, which is why outside expertise can come in handy. While not every software solution falls short on what the provider originally promised, many oversell their capabilities and leave you to look for workarounds yourself in the future. An experienced consultant can guide you through these pitfalls, ensuring you avoid selecting the wrong tool during the PoC phase.

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