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6 Steps to a Successful DevOps Tool Migration – Step 1: Assessing the Current Landscape

Adopting new DevOps tools or technologies can bring many improvements to the way you currently do business. Whether you’re experiencing scalability problems or code stability issues, you’ll need to identify the necessary migration goals. Once you’ve made the decision to move to a new, comprehensive solution for your software development pipeline, the process should start with a sober assessment of your current environment.

Often the urge to simply replace one tool for another makes the migration process seem like an easy task. However, modern DevOps tools come in all shapes and sizes, each with a different feature set. In situations where endemic organizational deficiencies are the focus of the project, a concise investigation into both the problems and any proposed solutions will provide the necessary insights to ensure you don’t run into major issues during the project. You should keep reviewing the goals in relation to the current environment and adjust or update them accordingly if they provide business benefits.

It requires a project team that includes individuals from every part of the CI/CD pipeline, and who has the necessary buy-in from the C-Suite. The team should establish the current processes and map them to the tools implemented. They should also include DevOps Champions who can continually collaborate and communicate between different departments and focus areas.

The assessment phase of the process should identify all tools, processes, connections, triggers, and scripts your team is currently using. Additionally, developers usually have their own custom-built automation tools or scripts that no one else knows about. The team should identify these unknown bits and pieces and ensure it’s included in the landscape definition. Once you know what you have, you’ll be able to understand what exactly is required before moving forward.

ReleaseTEAM has been in the business for over 20 years and partners with industry leaders in tools and technologies; we can help with all of your DevOps needs. Contact us for a tools evaluation or for more information on a tool you may be interested in.

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