DevOps and Software Configuration Management (SCM)

At ReleaseTEAM we believe that the key to Software Configuration Management is to have one that encourages progress, safe guards development, and reinforces standards when you need it most. We recognize that whilst SCM should meet a modern standard, it should always act as an advantage in the growth and development of your business. This is why we are able to work with you to ensure that you reach the key balance between effective SCM and transparency within your organization.

There are many ways that ReleaseTEAM can help achieve this equilibrium. We not only specialize in the top-rated commercial and open source tools but we also provide consulting, training and services around DevOps and Software Configuration Management. As well as these fantastic services we are able to resell and support software products from vendors like IBM, BMC, Perforce, CollabNet, and SmartBear. For more information on this part of our services please see the products menu.

We are able to bring these A-class services to you by having a dedicated and focused network of Release Engineers, Build Engineers, Process Automaters, Tool-Smiths and CM tool Administrators. They have decades of combined experience and a vast support network behind them and truly represent the TEAM in ReleaseTEAM.

So why not contact us today and discover more about the ReleaseTEAM service and exactly how it can help you maximize your growing enterprise.

What is ReleaseTEAM?
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About ReleaseTEAM®

ReleaseTEAM is a consulting company specializing in DevOps and Software Configuration Management. Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the task of tracking and controlling changes in Software Development. Development Operations or DevOps is process automation, automating the process for software projects from start to finish, from concept to production.

ReleaseTEAM solves "pain points" by addressing the technical issues around the software development life cycle. The road to success for software development projects relies on sound Configuration Management processes and the seamless integration of these processes and tools.


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